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Understanding the role of the impact investor in a given social enterprise, ecosystem, or intermediary allows Vermeer Consulting to support any of the actors in a potential transaction:  potential investors, social enterprises and lenders, or those considering the impact potential of an investment. Vermeer Consulting believes in the power of social finance and works to harness that power for any party involved. 

Vermeer Consulting has worked with Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) and other community development lenders for seven years as strategy consultant, contract CFO, market researcher, and advisor to boards of directors. With deep understanding of the industry and how CDFIs balance financial sustainability with impact, Vermeer Consulting is well-positioned to support CDFIs and other non-profit development finance organizations as they plan for growth and financial sustainability.

Health care companies are on the front line of combining business discipline with social good.  Vermeer Consulting has worked in primary care, behavioral health, and community care as interim C-level talent or providing project management support to a larger consulting team. Not sure a full-time CFO or COO is needed? Looking for interim management during a time of transition? Going through a rapid growth phase that taxes the capacity of your team?  Vermeer Consulting Group has added value in each of these situations by providing interim, part-time or contract services, most recently in health care companies and previously in other industries.

With nearly a decade of work in multiple countries, we understand the importance of cultural sensitivity and adaptability. Our work outside the US has largely been in the education and social enterprise sectors, primarily in South Asia, North and East Africa. With support for international impact investors, taking an operational role in an organization, or conducting due diligence prior to grant-making, we're able to navigate difficult environments with poise and flexibility. 

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